Campaign planning

Teams typically have their own methodology and documentation for campaign planning. This is but one set of plans that allows for communication and detailed documentation. This campaign summary consists of four different plans varying in-depth and coverage adapted from military operations documents.

  • Engagement Plan - An overarching description of technical requirements of the red team. For example, CONOPS, Resource and Personnel Requirements, Timelines

  • Operations Plan - An expansion of the Engagement Plan. Goes further into specifics of each detail. For example, Operators, Known Information, Responsibilities, etc.

  • Mission Plan - The exact commands to run and execution time of the engagement. For example, Commands to run, Time Objectives, Responsible Operator, etc.

  • Remediation Plan - Defines how the engagement will proceed after the campaign is finished. For example, Report, Remediation consultation, etc.

Another example of a campaign plan can be found in the engagement checklist →